On April 7th CLIENTEL3 is hosting The Movement Blueprint workshop by Sean Germain, owner of Body of Work. I asked Sean a few questions about what he does, where he draws his influence and the benefits of attending this workshop.

“Our world has evolved to a point where life is a little too comfortable. We sit all day, machines do our work for us, and exercise is used as punishment to offset poor lifestyle choices. It’s time to think a little differently.” Sean Germain


Justin: Can you tell us a little about movement culture. I know you draw your influence from Ido Portal, can you tell us about him too?

Sean: I found Ido after years in the fitness world: I spent time exposing and developing myself in domains like endurance, strength training, CrossFit, kettlebells, yoga, and calisthenics. A few years ago, my friend Dr. Wes Hendricks and I began online coaching with one of Ido’s students Josh Lewis at Co-Movement in Upstate New York. Since then, I’ve followed Ido around the world and am an online student of his. Ido and his team redirected my attention towards a broader understanding and appreciation of human movement and the importance of being a good student.

Justin: How did you get your business started? What does a typical training day with a group look like?

Sean: For years I was following online programming as a lone wolf. Working alone is a great way to develop your personal movement practice but it leaves out an essential part: partner and collaborative work, but being part of a local community. Last April, Iona, my partner, and I decided it was time to find a space and build a community. We opened Body of Work in South Boston last May and are so proud of our vibrant tribe of students.

Justin: What will attendees learn in this workshop?

Sean: Workshop attendees will learn the principles of movement freedom. We will show steps for developing a hand balancing practice and explore lower body strength outside of conventional norms. We will explore the idea of developing “bamboo legs”: creating a strong but flexible base on which to create and evolve your practice.

Justin: How can the skills attendees learn enhance their fitness?

Sean: The fitness world is a world of specialists with fancy tools, but we must face our humanity first. We must squat, hang, play, and socialize through a physical and interactive practice. At The Movement Blueprint, we will speak about the importance of reclaiming movement patterns that we have lost through adaption to modern society, and all it’s convenient trappings. We strongly believe that there are no bad movements; just unprepared, unexplored or lost ones: a great example of this spinal articulation, or lack thereof. At the workshop we’ll cover how to dose correctly to safely reclaim movement freedom.