Use 5 Minute Breaks To Improve Yourself


What to do on a 5-minute break?

Pre 5 Minute Break CHOICE:

You always have two options. Whether you want to sit down and mindlessly scroll through my phone or work towards something productive. Using your breaks to improve yourself is something that you need to do one way or another.

Some 5 Minute Break Options

We all have pockets of time within the day to fill as we please.

If you only have 5 minutes and want to improve:

  1. Fitness: stretch, push up or Squat.
  2. Anxiety: Sit your ass down and box breath.
  3. Happiness: Write down what you’re grateful for or send someone a nice text.
  4. Health: Drink some water.
  5. Brain power: read article/ book.
  6. Sweet ninja skills: watch 5 minute power ranger montage.

There’s always time just choose how you use it.

Consistent and Deliberate

Being consistent, and being deliberate by putting down one brick at a time is the way to Build a better you.

It is the consistent execution of the simple things that will lead to progress. You can envision and fantasize about your dream house all you want but if you don’t lay the bricks the house will never be built.

Next Time You Have 5 Minutes


My usual balls to the wall type workout:

30 second Monkey hangs, Spider-Man lunge with internal and external rotation and yoga push up. Focusing on deep breathing. The key aim: increase mobility, improve shoulder health, aid recovery and improve stability.

Anxiety and Wellness:

  • Hooklying with Hands on Ribs: Start on your back with knees bent and feet flat on the ground. Have your hands on your ribs. Take a deep breath in through your nose and exhale fully through your mouth. Your hands will give you feedback on your body “expanding” as you inhale to then “sink down” when you exhale. Go for 6 breaths.
  • 90/90 with 2-Arm Reach: Starting on your back, have your feet resting on a chair or box that puts your knees and hips in a 90/90 position. Tuck your pelvis under you(think if you had a belt buckle, get your belt buckle to your belly button) and have your low back flat on the ground. From there, bring your hips slightly off the ground enough to slide a piece of paper under you. Arms will be straight ahead with elbows locked and make sure to keep reaching the whole time. Breathe in this position for 6 breaths.
  • All 4’s Belly Lift: Start on All 4’s Position with hands directly under shoulders and knees under hips. Tuck your pelvis under you(get your belt buckle to your belly button). Create a curve in your upper back(camel portion of a cat-camel exercise) by reaching long with the arms. Keep this curve and slightly drop your head. 6 breaths.

All anxiety and wellness exercises contributed by Danny Borrero.

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