Why a Less Is More Approach Trumps All For Success


Adjust Your Approach to Fitness: Less is more.

“People overestimate what they can do with their body in 6 weeks with an all or nothing approach.  Then grossly underestimate what they can do in a year with a consistent, less is more approach.” ~ @coachmarkcarroll

I saw this quote on Mark Carroll’s Instagram and found myself nodding in agreement.

When people ask about my personal training approach or philosophy, I can’t stress enough how important it is to not only stay consistent, but also to be gentle & realistic with yourself.  I think it’s so important to set goals and push yourself, but also to look at the big picture. Often times I hear clients and friends say they want to look good for a wedding, event, vacation, competition… and that’s great! I love goals- I set them for myself too! The thing is, the ultimate goal is to make this a lifestyle. No one really wants to gain the weight back after the high school reunion or vacation, do they? So instead of setting short term goals, let’s make the goal to be healthier- long term.

Why Not Start Now?

One slip up in your diet, one workout missed, doesn’t mean the whole day/ week should go down the tubes.  How many times did you say you’d start on Monday and then Monday came and went and you felt you should wait until the following Monday?  Or you eat something “off plan” and you just continue down that path of unhealthy choices because you already slipped up? Who says you have to start on a Monday?  Why not a Thursday afternoon?! YOU make your own rules. Stop waiting for a certain day, stop waiting for an event to kick start your journey.

Here is the thing- if you are consistent over YEARS, one bad day, week, hell even a few months in some cases won’t erase all of your hard work!!  During my first pregnancy and the 10 months following, I hardly did any strength training. I did yoga, stretched and once the baby was born, went for long walks with the stroller.  It’s what my body and mind needed at that time- a break from the gym and weights. It doesn’t mean I was sedentary and I didn’t beat myself up for needing to switch things up.

Consistency is Key

Once becoming a mother, I realized my programming would never be “perfect”.  Not that it ever was. What I could do was control how I reacted to unexpected occurrences, slip ups, changes of plans… and that is to take a deep breath and MOVE ON.  Make a better choice next meal. Commit to moving your body even if it’s just 20-30 minutes vs the 60-90 minutes you were hoping for. Some weeks you’ll give 90% and other weeks may only be 60%.  Just keep showing up- that’s the key to success over time. Consistency.

Make Goals for Longevity

So maybe instead of embarking on a 6-8 week program to get you fit for “fill in the blank”, instead try to keep consistency over long periods of time in the forefront of your goals.  Find something you truly enjoy that will make it easier to take you away from life’s responsibilities. Grab a friend and get a workout in together! Maybe enlist the help of a personal trainer or coach to help you set up a program, or meet them for training as often as you are able.  

80% of the time… Are you being calorie conscious?  Are you consuming fruits, vegetables and an adequate amount of protein?  Drinking enough water? Getting enough sleep? Practicing self-care & staying mentally healthy?  Exercising 30+ minutes 3+ times a week? If so, don’t worry about a missed workout. Eat the cake at a family member’s birthday party.  Have pizza with your kids. Enjoy life & find a good balance- it will help to keep you consistent if you are enjoying all aspects of life.  

Below is a full body 30 minute blast for those days when you can’t make it to a gym and 30 minutes is all you have!

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