Meet David Byrd: Trainer Spotlight


Tell me a little about your background?

I am a lifelong Washingtonian who recently transplanted to Boston. I moved here in the spring to join my girlfriend as she pursues her PhD in neuroscience at Boston University. I’ve been personal training for the past 9 years and coaching soccer for the last 11. I love being outside, spending time with family and friends, playing soccer, traveling, and lying down to watch a movie after a long day of training.

What brought you to CLIENTEL3?

I’m very happy to have found Chi and the team at CLIENTEL3. I’m coming from a very close-knit private studio in DC. Therefore, I was looking to find a place in Boston that shares the same community philosophy, while maintaining the highest standards of training. It has been a couple months and I’m starting to feel more and more at home here and I’m excited for what is in store for me.

What do you bring to the CLIENTEL3 family?

I’m coming from a highly competitive training atmosphere in DC and I bring almost a decade of experience in the private training setting. I’ve had the privilege of leading over 9,000 training sessions in my young career, and I think that gives me a solid foundation to choose the best possible exercise prescriptions to suit each individual’s body and needs.

What do you value most in a trainer?

I think an extensive amount of focus and knowledge of human biomechanics is paramount to being a good trainer. I also think it is key to be able to see all of the intricacies of movement without being carried away into exercise schemes that neglect the client’s core goals and the basic foundations of strength training.

What is you favorite exercise?

Right now I’m all about BOSU Ball Single Leg Romanian Deadlift. Standing on the ball increases the difficulty so you don’t have to achieve full range of motion in order to get the glute fatigue. It’s a great prep for overloading squats or deadlifts, but also can stand alone as a potent main exercise.

I also really like the V-Grip Pulldown. It’s a good foundational shoulder exercise and it gives you plenty of options to progress it. Half-kneel or squat stance then super-setting with some pushups is a great was to crush the shoulders in a safe and effective way.

But my all-time favorite exercise in the gym is boxing. It gets you working every muscle in the body, and to me represents the perfect antidote to sitting at a desk all day. It’s also a great way to complement heavy strength training and if you do it consistently it’s nearly impossible not to get in great shape.

Here are of some great exercises that David enjoys and how you could progress them to fit your level of experience working out.

What can clients expect working out with you?

I like to put together challenging full-body workouts that emphasize proper positional mechanics and balanced joint relationships. To put it simply, I like to work on the body’s weaknesses and imbalances and build the body up from there. Expect a fair amount of glute, back, and core exercises, and if you’re healthy enough for athletic movement- be prepared to use that in the boxing ring!

Lastly, if you’d like to learn more about David, our other trainers set up a complimentary consultation visit our website.

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