What We Can Learn From Dogs About Gratitude


Why are these fellas so happy?

My dog Achilles sometimes just sits on his ass, tongue out, and a big smile. Oblivious to anything other than his own eternal aura of happiness. It makes me wonder what makes him so darn happy and whether these same principles can be applied to us mere humans. So what can we learn from dogs about gratitude?

Do we provide gold dog collars? Does prehistoric high-end chew bones? An endless stream of Bitches? No, we do none of those things.

All we provide him with his food when he is hungry, a place to live and sleep, exercise, and most importantly TLC.

He is happy, and in turn, it makes me happy

It’s astonishing how many people take these simple necessities for granted and live in a perpetual state of unhappiness; as they focus exclusively on the things they do not have, never mind never earned.

If you have food, shelter, the capacity to exercise, and love in your life. then you are in a place that can facilitate an abundance of happiness. Yes, you can have highs and lows since experiencing emotions is a key element in feeling alive and living in the moment. How can you truly appreciate happiness if you have never experienced sadness?

There are many people lacking one, if not all, of the things that make Achilles happy. For us, taking any of these things for granted is quite rightly an insult not only to those around you but to those who are suffering and longing for those things you overlook.

You can choose to be blind to what you have and angry at what you don’t, or you can choose to appreciate everything you have and drive towards what you don’t.

First, I ask you to appreciate and be grateful for everything you have. From this, watch how the lens through which you see the world brightens.

Second, when you have an opportunity, bring those simple necessities into the lives of others; and help that brightness eradicate the darkness that may be in their own lives.

Here at CLIENTEL3, we focus on spreading happiness to everyone who comes through our door. If you want to be part of our happy community then visit our website and schedule a complimentary consultation.