How to save your back and master the deadlift


How to save your back during a deadlift?

Spend any amount of time in a gym and you will see someone executing this exercise with a flexed back at the beginning or extremely exaggerated lumbar extension at the end. To the untrained, at best, the deadlift can leave a person’s back feeling awful the next day.

With the deadlift, not only do you need to get proper mechanics down, but you also need to know how to build up full body tension in order not to have your technique breakdown under heavier loads. The following videos build on progression I use to coach the deadlift.

First, we want to get the actual movement down. People need to get into the correct positions before working on building up tension. After the movement is correctly executed, work on building up tension. Last, and before adding load, combine the movement with building up tension.

Put these together and not only will you avoid aches and pains but you will lay the foundation for progression.

Creating Tension with Irradiation

Building Up Tension For The Deadlift

Scapular Position for the Deadlift

Grooving the Movement

Deadlift with Bands

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