How to Regain Overhead Mobility

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A lot of people use to ask me: how to regain your mobility?

First of all, before you begin programming, consider overhead mobility. It’s our duty to make our clients reach their goals with respect to their movement abilities. Overhead mobility is important for different exercises like presses or crisp high fives. Not to mention the essential activities on a daily basis.

Maintaining healthy overhead mobility can be achieved through the addition of exercises, stretches, and drills.

Assessing the Overhead Body Weight Squat

During fitness analysis, it’s important to perform exercises that will uncover weakness, imbalance, and poor motor control. This overhead squat is an exercise that can be used to assess overhead mobility. Focusing on the position of the arms, torso, and spine. It will reveal all you need to know about your mobility.

Starting with the Arms

You should be able to raise your arms completely overhead without struggles. This would indicate a healthy shoulder complex.

Pay Attention to the Position of the Arms and Torso

If your arms fall forward, that may be a result of inactive muscles. These could be the rhomboids, middle or lower trapezius, and the rotator cuff.

Tights, Chest, and Lateral Muscles

They contribute to the inability to raise the arms overhead. The common theme with these muscles is that they are overactive. Since they’re very tight, prevent the full reach.

Solutions to Unlock your Mobility

Mobility Drills

1. Hanging from Rings

2. Snow Angels (Prone or Supine)


1. Face Pulls

2. Seated High Row

3. Banded Horizontal Abduction


1. Standing Stretch (Pectoral)

2. Lateral Stretch (Single Arm)


Once you’ve seen all the videos and started your program for mobility; take a final look at all the steps and follow these tips.

When you structure your workout, you should start with mobility and funnel. Add these drills into your warm-up routine. They should be a priority in your program, followed by the stretching of the mentioned muscles. Finally, remember that you must remain constant.

If you are interested to know how to regain your mobility. Please send us an email or book a Complimentary Consultation.