Why Too Much is Not Enough


Implementing Videos and Advice

Why too much is not enough? Whether you want it or not, you have workout videos, DIY programs, and advice pelted at you left right and center.

This is not necessarily a bad thing for those who have the systems and structures to understand and implement what’s been offered.

Let’s ask ourselves how many people are actually utilizing the information which was always available.  Only now it’s one of the few options available being that health has been cast to the forefront of our concerns.

It seems very few! The reason why is because just like before Corona (hissss!!!), information is not where we struggle. It is with the implementation! Taking what’s available and actually using it is where most people can’t seem to succeed! 

Are you someone who feels like they struggle to stay consistent and motivated to do the things they know they should do? Do you think you need another solution?

Yes? No? Maybe?

We have a solution and a tested approach that may work for you! If you’re interested or you want to learn more about why too much is not enough, let us know via email or take a look at our social media networks