How To Prepare For Re-engagement With The World


As we get closer to returning to the gym I have been thinking of how to come out of this pandemic more powerful and prepared to get back to it. 

In many ways, our routine has changed and most likely has impacted our body and mental health. 

As I realized for myself, I was lost on what my goals were and what I was just focusing on the now or the latter. So here are some good questions that helped me evaluate where I was and cleared my head for what my next big goals were and what small steps I should take first before tackling them. 

Questions to reflect on for 2 minutes about this pandemic (time yourself):

I found it was best when I just read the question and directly started to write. 

Don’t plan your answer, just write. Don’t hold anything in and if you are blocked on a question, just write whatever comes to your mind. It could even be: “I don’t know, I don’t know, oh yesterday I ate some real sticky rice, it made my tummy feel funny afterward, I don’t know why I’ve felt super bloated!”

1. How is your body feeling? Have you noticed any new discomfort/ pain during this pandemic? 

2. How are you feeling emotionally? Why do you think you are feeling this way? 

3. Try to think about what are three good things and three bad things the pandemic brought about into your life. For yourself, no general answers.

4. Besides that, what could you do to improve your mental health going forward? What has helped you overcome the hard moments while being isolated or unmotivated?

5. And also, what do you think your body needs for you to feel better and feel more content about your body? If you’re not sure here are some examples: Sleep, Exercise, Stretching, Meditation, etc). Give a little explanation of why and maybe how it would improve your body in the long run.

Do you think that your answer in question 4 could help you accomplish your future goals when you are having a hard time sticking to them? If not, what could?

Reread all your answers, Go ahead, I won’t move, I’ll be right here. What could you bring into your daily routine that could make you happier? 

What are the ways you think have helped you in the past to stay on track of school work/ work/ appointments/ goals? If there are multiple ones, take an extra minute to reflect on which one is best for you. If you don’t have any, explain if having a bullet journal could help (watch this video if you don’t know what it is)

Now that you have reflected write down your goals. 

Think also about what you wrote down during the questionnaire. It could help you stay on track and make sure you are happy throughout the process. 

Once you wrote all your goals down, go ahead and number it to the most important one to the least one. “1” being the most important or the one you think would be a good fit to start working on first.  

Now if you didn’t include in your goals “mastering” the tool that helps your productivity. I would highly recommend putting it down and also putting it down as number “1”. It would help you stay on track, look at your progress, and maybe help you when you feel like skipping a day. 

Now small little rules I’ve found very helpful from this YouTube video:

Matt D’Avella is super inspiring so whenever you feel unmotivated, maybe go check out one of his videos. It has helped me multiple times. 

Also, before I let you go and hopefully let you go get started on your new goal. I have two more little tips that could help nail them. I found it was important for me to spend some extra time thinking of how to implement each goal.

To do that I did:

  1. A schedule of what my perfect week/day looks like when including all my goals. I broke that down by hour or 30 minutes sometimes since some tasks would take less than an hour. Include also downtime, when you can relax and just watch TV, play with your kids, read a book, or whatever you like to do that would help me relax and be happy.
  2. A table.


It might take some time to organize all of that but draw a table similar to this one or anything that you think you help you best. And take it one block at a time and one goal at a time. It is going to take some time, but in the long run, you will save time as you will be more prone to stick to those goals and create a healthy routine.

If you are having some difficulties with this entire process, feel free to reach out to us. We are more than happy to help you. Plus, as we are getting ready to reopen, we are in the process of reaching out to all our clients to schedule, if desired, a free consultation to reset some goals and help our community get into the groove of things.

If you are interested feel free to schedule a consultation. Or if you want to learn more about how to come out of this pandemic, shoot us an email

Hoping to see you at C3 very soon! 

Sending you all our love and positive vibes.