6 Single Leg Routines You Can Do from Home


Single-leg training is advantageous because you don’t need a lot of weight or equipment to get a workout in. The majority of these exercises can actually be done with a chair and no weight at all.

 If you have dumbbells and a bench, great; if not, don’t worry.

These routines don’t necessarily use load as the make or break factor. Rather we use the variables, tempo, range of motion and speed to create variety.  

        <h4>Here they are:</h4>     
        <h4>Assisted Bulgarian Split Squat</h4>     
        <h4>Bulgarian Split Squat</h4>      
        <h4>Side-Loaded Bulgarian Split Squat</h4>      
        <h4>Overhead Loaded Bulgarian Split Squat</h4>      
        <h4>Bulgarian Split Squat from Deficit</h4>     
        <h4>Bulgarian Jump Split Squat</h4>