4 Tips to turn your thought into action and achieve your goals!


How are those New Year goals looking? Do you need tips to achieve your goals?

Are you making strides towards your goals? Or have things fallen off and you haven’t quite gotten to where you need to be?

If so, no worries. Here are 4 tips in helping you get back on track:

1. Review

Many of us set goals without ever reviewing our progress. This is why I would recommend putting your goals in your calendar for review. This can be weekly, monthly, or even quarterly. This will help remind you of what you are working towards!

Look at the goals you set forth for the new year and ask yourself the following questions:

  • What’s my biggest obstacle(s)?
  • What areas can I be better at?
  • How successful do I feel about getting there?

Be real with yourself in the process. If you find that working out 5 times a week is difficult and you weren’t working out regularly before, then maybe consider working out 2-3 times a week instead.

Create new steps and processes that will set you up for success, rather than failure.

2. Plan

So now that you know that you can improve a certain area, think about ways that make it easier for you to get better. Let’s say that area is cooking, and yet, you have barely cooked anything because you get overwhelmed when you walk into the grocery store. If you know that this happens every time and this is the reason why you haven’t put together a meal, then your next step is to create a plan.

Create a plan from scratch to cook. What I mean by this is think about what you need to do from step 1 to the finished product. Write it all out and then implement it.

For instance, it can look something like this:

  • Find cooking recipe
  • Write down the exact ingredients needed
  • Go to the grocery store and get ingredients
  • Set a date and time to cook 
  • Prepare cooking station and cut and prep ingredients needed

Break down areas that need improvement into small steps so it becomes clear as to what you have to do to execute.

3. Implement

This is where the magic happens. Do the action steps towards your goal!

If it’s exercise, then exercise. If it’s cooking, then cook. If it’s reading, then read. 

That’s why planning is so important. The more you have prepared and ready, the easier your implementation.

Also, like I mentioned before, SCHEDULE IT or write it down. You are more likely to act on something if you have saved time and have a reminder.

4. Review again

Finally, review your implementation.

Did you plan it? If so, did everything work out the way you wanted it to? What went right? What went wrong? Can you see yourself performing this action on a consistent basis?

Like everything, it always comes back to consistency. If you are unable to stick to your steps towards your goals, how will you ever get there?

Consistency is key! Therefore it’s important to make the steps as easy to follow as possible so you can repeat them every time.


Nobody is perfect. Don’t get down on yourself and give up if you were unable to stick to your New Year goal(s) at first.

  • Follow the tips above to create a structure for your goals and how to achieve them.
  • Take your time and really evaluate ways to make steps better(and easier)
  • It’s not game over if you are inconsistent. There is always another way to get where you want to go. 

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