Fad diet myths: Do they really work?


Fad diets have played a major role in developing the recipe, for a massive body composition change when it’s crunch time to get sexy.

We practically work against ourselves prioritizing these diets with hopes to attain magazine cover results, that would typically take twice as much time as we are willing to put in. 

Hype has seemed to glamorize these diets and having them reign supreme over all other ways of eating. 

Diets rub me the wrong way simply because they never last. I have attempted plenty of diets that created a deficit of saturated fat and simple carbs while pushing protein to the limit. Without completely understanding that calorie consumption shouldn’t be overlooked.

Fad diets rundown: it’s true they work… for how long?

Plenty of fad diets ration carbs and even remove them completely through different phases. These types of diets include the Keto Diet, the Atkins Diet, and the south beach diet.  Surprisingly there is plenty of research to back these diets in their contribution to weight loss and progressive body fat reduction. So we know that they work, both from the research community and gym bros on youtube. 

Where these fad diets lose their merit for me, is that they don’t drive home the idea of prolonged sustainability. Learning how to eat smarter over time will result in less tracking of calories and eventually lead you to your own personalized nutrition plan. Following Atkins, the south beach diet and even keto unless recommended by your doctor, will only be temporary until you reach the desired results. Then more likely than not the meter on the scale begins to climb again, restarting the cycle.

But with anything that requires discipline to attain, there needs to be a maintenance plan to cater to your results. After losing weight it’s very easy to put it back on, the hardest part is going through the entire process again because you didn’t have a solid plan, to begin with.

Here’s the blueprint for your “diet plan” to stick with for life:

1. Prioritize nutrient-dense foods over calorie-dense. The body will take longer to break down the nutrients, allowing for sustained energy until your next meal. Making you feel fuller longer.
2. Portioned meals throughout the day instead of large meals at once. This approach will keep your metabolism at a steady rate, avoiding any crashing and overeating tendencies. 
3. 0 Calorie beverages. It’s a great way to cut back on calories you may haven’t noticed you were consuming and continuing to add to your deficit.
4. GORBAFORS – This wacky acronym simply stands for Grill or Bake, Air fry, or steam your vegetables and meats. Cooking in this fashion will make your food tastier and give you variety when it comes to putting recipes together.

Trying to make it on your own without the help of an already formulated diet plan can be hard. If you want sustainability I would recommend starting from scratch and following the layout above. Taking on nutrition is no small task and becomes frustrating when you don’t get results fast. That’s why I am always open ears when it comes to clients’ nutritional needs and ready to give recommendations. Contact me via email or Instagram if you want to know more about fad diets and if they work. We can jumpstart your nutrition process putting a halt to fad diets.