5 Mistakes that Could be Stopping You from Achieving Your Fitness Goals


Have you recently found yourself putting in time at the gym and logging hours with your trainer, but not seeing the results you want? Here is a list of the 5 mistakes that could be stopping you from achieving your fitness goals.

Contrary to popular belief, no amount of exercise can do it all. Physical fitness and wellness are multifaceted and require our attention in many different domains. 

Our wellness can be thought of as a wheel with different components; such as our work-life balance, sleep, relationships, nutrition, physical activity, and environment.

These different areas all feed off of each other and in order to achieve our goals, we need to find a balance among them. 

What could be stopping your fitness goals?

1. Work-Life Balance 

Have set work hours and stick to them! You can’t be the person that does it all for everyone because then you won’t be able to prioritize yourself and your goals. 

2. Sleep

Try to sleep and wake at consistent times. Our sleep cycles contribute greatly to our fitness goals and how well we are able to perform in and out of the gym. Our bodies also use sleep as a form of recovery and this is when our muscles are able to rebuild and heal themselves. 

3. Relationships

Effectively communicate and create boundaries with the people in your life. Relationships are such a huge part of our social lives, but they can cause excess stress that takes time away from self-care. Invite your friends, family, and partner to work out with you and do self-care together!

4. Nutrition

No one likes to hear it, but abs are made in the kitchen! If you’re putting in the hours at the gym and paying for a personal trainer, you also need to put that same effort into planning your meals.

Life is complicated and plans change, but 70% of the time try prioritizing the nutrient-dense foods that are going to fuel your body and make you feel good from the inside out. 

5. Environment 

Take the time to think about where you are choosing to spend your time.

Are you putting yourself in situations where your wellness is a priority? If you have the ability to walk somewhere instead of driving, take the opportunity! If it’s a sunny day, take your lunch and eat it outside – soak in the vitamin D! 

While these changes may seem small, they are often the little things that we neglect. Here’s your challenge to prioritize your wellness and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the physical changes that follow.

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