5 Exclusive Tools that Separate CLIENTEL3 From Everyone Else


What exclusive tools can you find at CLIENTEL3? Walking into your typical big box gym you already know what to expect. The first quadrant is most likely filled with cardio machines, the second quadrant is over-saturated with strength machines, and the third quadrant and petite free weight section, which is usually overrun by dumbbell racks and benches. 

Growing up I knew that was my typical gym I had access to and for the longest time. I had to make due with those tools and still was able to accomplish sufficient results.

But since training in a smaller studio and having to make due with fewer options, allows for the true quality of the limited tools we have to flourish. I’ve always been of the school of thought that making due with less, will lead you to sustainability compared to having ten thousand options at hand.

At CLIENTEL3 we’re about a ¼ the size of a big box gym, narrowing our quadrants to just aerobic exercise equipment and a plethora of free weight options. Therefore we take pride in having exclusive training tools that enhance every member’s experience when working out in Boston.

Making serious gains, with exclusive equipment keeps training fun and engaging; reminding you each time that you can’t get this same experience elsewhere.

Pit Shark

For starters, training legs is essential for longevity and proportionality, at CLIENTEL3 I deem the Pitshark as the single best tool for the lower body. With complete isolation of your legs and less stress on your spine, you can load and load and load and never have to worry about a bar coming down on your neck. Belt squats sit on your hips and allow for your spine to enjoy the ride, unlike conventional back squats. 

Earthquake bar 

This bar is my go-to when I’m coming off of a heavy progressive build-up for my weeks of endless pressing. On the week when I tend to decrease my intensity I like to focus on things other than just 10, 6, or 4 rep maxes. The earthquake bar puts a major emphasis on joint stabilization, due to the kettlebells swinging from end to end during each rep. If you want to see just how much your strength and stability compare I recommend stopping by and humbling yourself.


Hands down my favorite thing about the proteus is its ability to measure power, acceleration, and deceleration. In addition, this allows for brute force and heathen-esk push, pull, and rotational exercises to fulfill your wild desires. With its 3D resistance and lack of velocity working in your favor, proteus stands alone in the line of game-changing tools at CLIENTEL3. 

Steele mace 

Typically I like to do unconventional warm-ups. I still make sure to sprinkle in mobility, dynamic flexibility, and SMR. But some days I want to get moving right away. That’s where the maces come in. With a spherical end and long pillar, the Steele mace resembles what Vikings used when they were cruising through Europe. Its offsetting load allows for creativity with movements like squats, lunges, and even halos around the head, limbering up the shoulders.

Making due with fewer tools of higher quality will be more sustainable in the long term, assuming you are consistent with your training efforts. Getting results should be fun and worthwhile, liven up your training experience by working with one of our coaches today and having access to a higher quality of training. 

If you want to learn more about the exclusive tools that you can find at CLIENTEL3, feel free to reach out to us via email or check out our Instagram.