My go-to exercises or improving anterior pelvic tilt


Not being aware of your spinal curves can put you at a disadvantage when it comes to exercising. If we are just thinking about exercise selection, there are a plethora of exercises that can do you well just as much as they can do you bad. One common flaw in the posture that typically will make a break on exercises is the pelvic tilt. 

What I mean by this is that just because an exercise is designed to target a specific muscle, it doesn’t mean that is appropriate for your body mechanics. In fact, improper exercise selection can continue to diminish your long-term returns even if it produces short-term gains. 

In summary, there are 2 ways that your pelvis can tilt, anteriorly (sticking your butt out) or posteriorly (bringing your belt buckle to your belly button). Being able to do both is important for mobility and maintaining a mind-body connection. The problem begins when you spend too much time in either one.

The low back should have a normal curvature that is then met with the glutes but nothing excessive. An excessive arch in the low back will lead you down a long path of compensation, affecting other joints. 

The excessive lower back arch is a deficiency that is not just caused by one thing but can be a result of many factors. Here are some that you may be experiencing.

  • Poor core bracing abilities, which plays into core strength and your mind body connection with the core muscles.
  • Shortened PSOAS muscle.
  • Weak mind body connection to glutes.
  • Consciously arching your back to make your butt look bigger.

Now, these aren’t all the reasons why you may have an excessive low back arch, but the exercises demonstrated in this blog are to work toward improving these specific deficiencies. 

Here are my go-to exercises when it comes to working on pelvic tilt:

2 exercises for mobilizing that complex 

Supine pelvic tilts with floor feedback 

Cat Camels 

2 exercises for stabilizing 

Bear planks

Foam roll –  Deadbugs 

2 exercises for strengthening that complex 

BW – Side plank with hip extension

Swissball – bridges isometric

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