Proteus Motion Review


Built like a military turret, (which takes up just as much space too) the Proteus Motion has become popular among athletes of rotational sports such as golf, baseball, and hockey allowing for versatility to make an immense difference in performance. I wrote this review of the Proteus Motion system after training with it for over 4 weeks; the experience has been unreal. 

What is the Proteus Motion?

The Proteus is an exercise machine that operates through all 3 dimensions of resistance. Throughout each segment of any exercise, the resistance stays the same and any benefit that velocity would have added is removed. It stands alone from other traditional exercise tools that constantly challenge you when exercising with very limited opportunities to cheat during a movement.

You can learn more about the Proteus machine on their website.

What Exercises Can I do on the Proteus Motion

From a movement standpoint the Proteus allows for all of the essential movement patterns 

  • Squat
  • Hinge
  • Push
  • Pull
  • Lunge 

To name a few, as well as providing added challenge by making exercises unilateral. 

Options for training Core 

As for the core, the Proteus allows for maximal rotation horizontally and diagonally, adding a level of sophistication in its design. On the other hand, it does have some deficiencies and limitations for training core. The resistance is activated during movement, which prevents you from training your muscles isometrically. 

The exercises that are left out are anti-rotation, anti-lateral flexion, and anti-extension. No big deal, but I anticipated the Proteus to have some ability to train the core muscles isometrically. 

What features come with the Proteus Motion

Performance tests 

  • Hands down my favorite thing about the Proteus is its ability to measure metrics like power, acceleration, and deceleration. From a coach’s perspective, I am a data buff when it comes to a client’s performance. Having access to these crucial numbers will make for effective programming and provide insight into just how much better our athletes and clients are becoming. 

Preset programming

  • Pre-written exercise programs resemble templates that allow athletes and clients to build a strong base. Created by musculoskeletal experts in the physical therapy realm; we can assure that the pre-set programming is safe and effective for everyone. 
  • Programming takes into account the needs of a particular sport for athletes which makes a coach’s job easier.

Freestyle mode

  • This mode allows you to train on the Proteus at your own will. This can be the perfect time to experiment and create new exercises, complete traditional exercises, or just to practice.

Here are some exercises that you could try with the Proteus.

Recently, we managed to get a hold of one of these gadgets and although I don’t often work with athletes, general population clientele have gravitated towards using the Proteus, amplifying their training experience, and giving their CNS a new challenge. Whether you’re trying to increase your power output as an athlete or looking to make gains with resistance training, feel free to email me and we can begin your process today.