How not to Feel Like a Stuffed Turkey over the Holidays


As we approach the holiday season, we are all excited to finally reconnect with our beloved friends and family. The holidays are an occasion of joy and sharing our time through events that usually have food and drinks at the epicenter of these gatherings. We should be able to enjoy ourselves and shelf some of our restrictions and allow the freedom to enjoy the decadent display of holiday cuisine without the guilt often associated with the aftermath of putting on a few pounds. So, how not to feel like a stuffed turkey over the holidays?

Let’s be honest, we have all had a very challenging time over the past 2 years and we should celebrate ourselves and each other… however, there are some easy ways to not feel like a stuffed turkey or couch potato. Let’s go over some simple ways to be secretly active if you don’t want to overcommit yourself to an exercise regimen and sacrifice time away from your loved ones:

Gamify eating with an activity

A. Make a list of the foods you can’t do without

B. Create an exercise equivalent for each of those items

C. Each time you eat that food, you need to complete the associated exercise

D. Example: 1 cup of egg nog = 5 bodyweight squats, anytime you go to the fridge, you need to do lunges there, or plank during any commercial breaks

Have others participate in a contest with a reward at the end of the weekend

A. Everything is much more fun when others participate

B. Having each other to hold ourselves accountable is an easy tactic to follow through

C. Doing things as a group create a stronger sense of community and a stronger bond

D. It’s fun to laugh and encourage each other and keep each other healthy

E. Example: have a daily step challenge for each day and an overall winner for the entire weekend

Stay active while shopping

A. Skip the elevators and escalators and try and get your 10K daily steps in

B. Stop looking for the closest parking spot

  • It’s easier to find parking further away from the shopping center
  • You can avoid door dings when no one else is parked around you
  • You’ll get more exercise carrying your bags back to your car

Plan an active family activity

A. Sign everyone up for a holiday-themed run 

  • Turkey Trot or Santa Run

B. Other group activities

  • Daily morning walks
  • Bowling
  • Indoor Rock Climbing
  • Hiking
  • Dance Class

Don’t Stand Still

A. Whenever you find yourself standing still or in a line, try some of the following bodyweight exercises:

  • High knee marching in place
  • Standing Heel Raises
  • Squats
  • Stretch those tight muscles that could use some love

Give it a try!

These are some tips and suggestions for everyone to keep active in small doses. Some require more coordination and participation than others, but the most important part is to be kind to yourself. Do the best you can and know that being mindful of what you are doing is the first step. Any and all of the steps you take towards your health are cumulative so celebrate yourself. Enjoy your holidays and nurture your body the best way you can. Hopefully, these tips will aid you and offer you some ideas.

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