Rut Training. Why do they happen & How to get through them


Have you found yourself in a rut with your training? Here are 4 reasons why they may happen & how to get through them.

Almost everyone at some point in their life will experience a training rut in which they may either lack consistency or simply not feel the desire to train in the way they have been doing so. Here are 4 reasons why this may happen, along with solutions on how to turn it around.

1. You are burned out.

Sometimes we push our bodies too hard. We aren’t allowing proper time to recover, our nutrition isn’t on point, and it is taking a toll on the body. This is might be a good time to take a break or at the very least incorporate a de-load, which is a reduction in training intensity and/or volume within a program to let the body recover. 

2. Your program isn’t working in your favor.

Programs are not magic. What initially looked good on paper, might be less than ideal when applied to the gym. Making adjustments to your program may be the necessary change that resolves this. How long have you been on your current program? It may even be time to go on a new one and switch up the main focus or exercise variation.

3. You may be bored with the type of training you’re doing.

Have a heart-to-heart with yourself. Are you happy with the type of training you are doing right now? Yes, from time to time it is normal to not feel excited about our training, but if it is something you are starting to question on a frequent basis, maybe it is worth considering trying a new style of training. If you have been all about lifting heavy weights, maybe it works shifting the focus to more bodyweight training, or kettlebells.

4. You have a lot on your plate outside of the gym.

The time we spend in the gym is only a small fraction of our day. Even if it is something that we hold to great importance, consider your life outside of training. That has a large impact on how we are able to work in the gym. How are your stress levels? Your workload at your job? Responsibilities at home? We often forget that our cup can overflow, so it is important to plan our training to fit within our life versus trying to make our life fit within our training.

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