Keeping a Workout Journal

Keeping a workout Journal: What to log to stay on top of your fitness Whatever your fitness goals are, if you’re not already keeping a workout journal, it may be time to consider starting to. We’ve all heard that block scheduling, tracking, keeping notes have helped us navigate through our busy lives and ever-changing schedules.… Continue reading Keeping a Workout Journal

Rut Training. Why do they happen & How to get through them

Have you found yourself in a rut with your training? Here are 4 reasons why they may happen & how to get through them. Almost everyone at some point in their life will experience a training rut in which they may either lack consistency or simply not feel the desire to train in the way… Continue reading Rut Training. Why do they happen & How to get through them

5 ways to measure progress

Everyone’s fitness journey is unique to them. Weight loss is one of the many common goals that a client may desire for themselves. There is nothing wrong with having this goal in mind and working towards achieving it. While seeing a downward trend in the number on the scale is exciting feedback, it is not… Continue reading 5 ways to measure progress

Dealing with Injuries

Dealing with injuries. Some helpful ways to cope and carry on with your training for a strong comeback, both physically and mentally How do injuries happen? I think that everyone would agree, dealing with injuries sucks. Unfortunately, injuries happen, even when we are training carefully, and doing everything in our power to avoid them in… Continue reading Dealing with Injuries