7 Tips for Injury Prevention.

Have you ever gotten an injury while doing some sort of exercise? Here is a list of 7 tips that can be your guide for Injury Prevention. Know your limitations  Train smart, stay within your boundaries, ask for a spot when you are unsure, and follow proper training protocols. Respect your body- it is speaking… Continue reading 7 Tips for Injury Prevention.

Train like your trainer: Rate of Perceived exertion

When it’s time to workout nobody likes being confused. This series is designed to give you a look at what is going on in a trainer’s head while they are working out. As we review concepts, you’ll be able to understand why your trainer does the things that they do and work on doing them… Continue reading Train like your trainer: Rate of Perceived exertion

Recovery from Exercise

If you ever have felt that you are having a hard time in your recovery from an exercise. This article will show you how to reduce muscle soreness and upgrade your fitness level. What is DOMS? DOMS, or Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, it’s that tender achy soreness in your muscles the day after a workout… Continue reading Recovery from Exercise

Keeping a Workout Journal

Keeping a workout Journal: What to log to stay on top of your fitness Whatever your fitness goals are, if you’re not already keeping a workout journal, it may be time to consider starting to. We’ve all heard that block scheduling, tracking, keeping notes have helped us navigate through our busy lives and ever-changing schedules.… Continue reading Keeping a Workout Journal

Types of Contractions

Did you know that muscles only shorten and do not push? How about that muscles have three different types of contractions? Let us dive a little deeper into each one and how to use them in your next workout. The Anatomy For this concept to make sense, there needs to be a general understanding of… Continue reading Types of Contractions

What You Need To Know About Planes

If you are new to the world of fitness or just haven’t delved into the foundations of bodily movement; there are specific terms to describe the direction of the joint’s movement patterns. These patterns arise from three planes in the body. Let’s learn what you need to know about planes. Planes or Plains Also referred… Continue reading What You Need To Know About Planes

Climbing Mount Everest

Starting something new is one of the most daunting tasks that sounds easy, but oftentimes it isn’t. Your first time trying new things whether it be driving, playing a sport for the first time, playing a new instrument, learning a new language, or even setting foot into a gym, it can be overwhelming; like climbing… Continue reading Climbing Mount Everest

Having a Purpose

It is easier to say most things than actually do them. You will always find a reason why not to wake up early, not to work out, not to finish that long-standing goal of yours. There will always be something in your way. The only way to change this is to have a purpose that… Continue reading Having a Purpose

Breathe and Brace

There are a few certain things that are necessary in a warm-up in order to have an efficient workout; being able to breathe and brace to activate and lock in your core are fundamental things that everyone should know! What is the Core? To be able to understand what the core does and how it… Continue reading Breathe and Brace

Making the Most of Targeted Training

More often than not, targeted training is associated with using machines rather than free weights or body weight. Since machines isolate certain parts of the body or only function in uniplanar movements, it’s easy to specifically target the intended muscles or muscle groups when exercising. That’s exactly what targeted training is, specifically strengthening certain muscles… Continue reading Making the Most of Targeted Training