How to have a successful career in fitness

We all grow up and look for a career. Now, that being said, this article is not focusing on how to have a successful career in the fitness industry. No, rather it is about how you can have a successful career in fitness, working out, exercising. You see, one definition of a career is “an… Continue reading How to have a successful career in fitness

How to Train Like a Professional

This is a breakdown of exercise training principles: How to train like a professional. The exercise training principles are a guide for how health professionals program and optimize workouts; there’s no secret recipe for a perfect plan that works universally. Everyone has individual needs and goals, which is why we understand and apply these principles… Continue reading How to Train Like a Professional

Rut Training. Why do they happen & How to get through them

Have you found yourself in a rut with your training? Here are 4 reasons why they may happen & how to get through them. Almost everyone at some point in their life will experience a training rut in which they may either lack consistency or simply not feel the desire to train in the way… Continue reading Rut Training. Why do they happen & How to get through them

Common Misconceptions about Exercise

The fitness industry is an evolving science that has made great strides in the last couple of decades. However, as there are introduced new schools of thought for exercise, we need to weed out the old theories that are no longer relevant and have become myths of fitness. These are just a few of the… Continue reading Common Misconceptions about Exercise

5 ways to measure progress

Everyone’s fitness journey is unique to them. Weight loss is one of the many common goals that a client may desire for themselves. There is nothing wrong with having this goal in mind and working towards achieving it. While seeing a downward trend in the number on the scale is exciting feedback, it is not… Continue reading 5 ways to measure progress

Breakdown of the Basic Functional Movements

It’s no secret that functional movement is the foundation for managing a healthy and active lifestyle. That’s why many health professionals program workouts focused on improving specific movement patterns used during a typical day. This blog will share a breakdown of the Basic Functional Movements so you can understand your programs with greater clarity. Not… Continue reading Breakdown of the Basic Functional Movements

Get a Grip!

There is so much fitness jargon out in the world because of social media. Let me cover one topic that is pretty basic so you can get a grip on what is real and what isn’t about bicep training.  What Is The Bicep? For starters, there needs to be some basic understanding of the biceps.… Continue reading Get a Grip!

Barbell Press Comparisons

Horizontal pushing basics with a barbell   When performing any type of horizontal pushing, we must consider the technique and form that is required to perform optimally. Just because an exercise can elicit a muscle building or muscle-strengthening effect doesn’t mean it automatically should be in your exercise catalog. This is why I want to bring up… Continue reading Barbell Press Comparisons

Breathe and Brace

There are a few certain things that are necessary in a warm-up in order to have an efficient workout; being able to breathe and brace to activate and lock in your core are fundamental things that everyone should know! What is the Core? To be able to understand what the core does and how it… Continue reading Breathe and Brace

Making the Most of Targeted Training

More often than not, targeted training is associated with using machines rather than free weights or body weight. Since machines isolate certain parts of the body or only function in uniplanar movements, it’s easy to specifically target the intended muscles or muscle groups when exercising. That’s exactly what targeted training is, specifically strengthening certain muscles… Continue reading Making the Most of Targeted Training