Take pride in your workout at CLIENTEL3

Why we are different:

You work hard. You’re good at your job. You also like to enjoy life, have fun, and meet new people. You believe that a big part of being able to enjoy life is keeping your body fit, strong, and healthy. There’s a community of people just like you right around the corner where you can get away from the stress of the office, find a sympathetic ear, and focus on your physical and mental well-being. It’s CLIENTEL3, a Boston personal training studio unlike any other.

At CLIENTEL3, our focus is on you, as an individual. We listen to your aspirations for your health and your body. We validate your concerns and work with you to overcome any obstacles that might prevent you from achieving the life and the body that you want. We partner with you to create a personalized training program that’s unique to you. Whether you want to gain strength, lose fat, become healthier, or all of those—or achieve any number of other fitness objectives—you will find that the professional trainers at CLIENTEL3 can zero in on your goals and create a program to help you reach them. 
CLIENTEL3 is a safe space where working out is both challenging and fun. The CLIENTEL3 community includes people like you who know that they look their best when their body is strong and fit and feel their best when their mind is clear and relaxed. With CLIENTEL3’s wide array of services, and our coaches who are committed to your success, you will find the path to physical and mental well-being that you’ve been looking for.

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