Your Look, Your Life, Your Gym.

Why we are different:

In your busy life, how much time do you actually spend taking care of yourself? You feel responsible for the well-being of others, both at home and at work. But that means that you probably have very little time—or energy—to focus on YOU.

What if there was a special gym not far from your office or your home where you could go and leave the worlds of work and family behind, just for a little while? Where you could concentrate on yourself for a change? Well, in fact there is. CLIENTEL3 is a conveniently located Boston training studio that provides a wonderful community and a safe space for working out with highly qualified coaches.

Carving out time for yourself in your busy schedule, to boost your physical and mental health, may just be the most important thing you ever do for yourself. It is a question of quality of life: You look your best when your body is strong and fit and you feel your best when your mind is clear and relaxed. You act your best when you’re confident in yourself. And when you’re at your best, everyone around you will benefit from the ripple of health and happiness you project. How can you get there? By investing in a customized personal training program at CLIENTEL3, Boston’s upscale studio for discerning clients.

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