MovNat in Boston

Movnat and Clientel3

About Movnat

Natural Physical Education

CLIENTEL3 is the only MovNat licensed facility in Boston. MovNat is about movement. It is what we practice and what we teach. Anyone can gain from improving their movement, from elite athletes to those quite out of shape. You don’t have to be fit to move, but you have to move to be fit.

It will change how you move and more

It is astonishing how your body responds and reconnects to its natural movements. From getting out of bed to moving furniture, or playing with your children will feel different. The complex and adaptable movement patterns practiced in Movnat promote clarity and a restful state for the mind, this feeling of competence, peace, and grace is the feeling of being your true self.

Practice first

The foundation of learning Movnat is through our workshops and affiliate gyms. Here you will begin to explore your body’s full range of motion and agility by practicing in a safe & controlled environment, you will start to gain the skills, strength, and conditioning essential to adapt and perform in any environment.

The foundation is nature

MovNat, expressed in its most pure, natural form is a complete and immersive experience with the natural world. by learning skillful and adaptable movements, nature becomes the most complete training environment available.

If you are in Boston and what to know more about MovNat, You can check MovNat and CLIENTEL3‘s social networks or contact us here.