Nutrition Coaching

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Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching by CLIENTEL3

What do we offer?

Body Composition Tracking

Body composition testing involves the combination of circumference and skin caliper measurements to accurately assess the differentiation of fat mass and lean mass within the body. The results will provide estimates of body fat percentage and resting metabolic rate, which can be used to track physiological adaptation and progress over time.

Custom Lifestyle Coaching

Custom lifestyle coaching starts with a discussion of personal health and wellness habits and lifestyle choices, which can then be integrated with body composition testing and fitness/nutrition tracking to help set accurate and attainable goals.

Weekly Check-Ins

Our team is dedicated to helping you achieve your goal!

After setting goals, our aim is to provide tips, motivation, and guidance to set you up for success! While we might not see you every week for personal training sessions, just know that we will be there with you every step of the way!

Meal Prep Services

CLIENTEL3 is now offering Meal Prep Services!

Save time, money and reduce stress with C3’s meal prep service! We want to provide you with all the tools that you would need and ease you off worrying about calories, macros, and spending too much money on expensive take-out.

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