What Can You Achieve In 6 Weeks with Fitness Programs?


6 Week Fit For Life Program

On July 22nd CLIENTEL3 will open the doors to 10 people for a 6-week fitness foundation program. The following article aims to highlight what we offer and what you can expect out of our fitness program as well as why other programs fail. Mislead and ultimately leave you disappointed.

Depending upon perspective, 6 weeks can either be viewed as a long term commitment or a short term commitment. If I was only familiar with sporadically attending fitness classes or workouts then a 6 week structured commitment could be interpreted as a longer term commitment. However, if I view the 6 weeks as a micro pocket of time within my year then the allocated time appears smaller. When I see the 6 weeks as a commitment that will benefit me for life then it is tiny in the grand scheme of things!

In order for you to view the 6 weeks as a small step on your journey. We may need to change your perspective.

Why 6 Week Challenges Fail You

Most 6 week programs will push the end result of that particular cycle (i.e. lose 20 lbs); that being said, we’re not throwing rocks in a glasshouse.

We’ve tried this approach and learned from experience. This isn’t just stunted but also damaging as it sets goals that are so detached from our current situation; it creates a mindset of balls to the wall.

No pain no gain ethos that frankly isn’t needed nor beneficial for long-term sustainable healthier you.

I am not saying you cannot do these things; however, for the most part, I see too many people yo-yo in and out of programs, diets, detoxes; they simply don’t work as they ignore the principles of sustainable long term health.

What We Aim To Do Differently

What we aim to do differently is to focus first and foremost on YOU. Who are you, where you currently are in your health and fitness journey and what YOU CAN DO.

This boot camp doesn’t emphasize calories burned, peaked heart rates and the outpouring of sweat similar to biblical flooding. We believe in training to enhance fitness not tiredness and that’s why our sessions will emphasize setting the foundations of movement that sound scientific research promotes.

You won’t be a number in a group of 20 people wondering what the instructor actually wants you to do. What muscles you’re actually supposed to be working or self-conscious about whether you are actually doing it right or wrong. We have 1 coach to 5 clients so we can watch, adjust and progress in a safe way that enhances understanding and confidence when exercising.

The aim of this program is to help you set the foundation for long-term sustainable health benefits with an understanding of what, when, and how to execute and perform the fundamental movements of the human body.

What We Want For You

We want you to be able to walk into a gym and know exactly what it is you should be doing and why. No more gym amnesia wandering the floor thinking about what to do next; worried about who’s watching and how to properly execute the movement.

We want you to understand why most diets fail. How much food you actually need to suit you, your lifestyle and your goals, and how to structure and control what you eat.

Beyond the 6 Week Fitness Foundations Programs

If you continue to implement the lessons learned within the 6 weeks over the next 6 months, year and decade then we have no doubt you will maintain a decent level of health and fitness.

When you apply for a position on our program think about the results 6 months or even six years down the line that are gained by implementing the intelligent programming you learned in six weeks.

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Additionally, Chi is very excited about this new project. So he took some time out of his trip to Europe to share more with you.

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