About us

CLIENTEL3 is a personal training studio in Boston that has provided an exclusive setting for discerning clients to experience the ultimate in personal training since 2016. This is working out at its finest and its most discreet. CLIENTEL3’s upscale space is designed for people who want to work hard and who value their privacy.

At CLIENTEL3, your health and fitness priorities are our priorities. We are here to help you achieve the mental and physical conditions that you aspire to—or just help you maintain the best self that you’ve worked so hard to accomplish. 

We’re not here to tell you what to do. Our job is to help you learn about your body, and the ways it can function at its optimal level. We deliver the information that will allow you to become your own expert.

Personal attention

Our knowledgeable coaching team will personalize every aspect of your experience. Our holistic approach includes a focus on mindfulness and full-body health and wellness. We offer a wide range of services, which we will customize for your body type, your health status, and your aspirations. Although working with a personal trainer is of course ideal for people who are looking to lose weight, hit a goal, or train for a sport; it is especially valuable for those who have been injured, are pregnant, or have medical limitations. 

The bottom line: Our focus on you will help you focus on yourself and leave you stronger and more confident than ever. 

In addition to general strength and fitness training, we also offer personalized training programs dedicated to:

  • Active aging 
  • Mobility training
  • Athletic training
  • Injury recovery
  • Pregnancy and women’s health
  • Nutrition and weight management

Whatever your health and fitness goals and aspirations—and whatever you may currently view as obstacles to your success. We’re here to make your personalized fitness experience positive, educational, challenging, and fun. Investing in personal training in CLIENTEL3, will ensure that your body continues to get stronger, burn calories, and reduce body fat; allowing you to look and feel your best.

As a member of the CLIENTEL3 community, you will enjoy a luxurious atmosphere with a team dedicated to your overall health and well-being. And we do it all while living our values: the 3Cs of commitment, character, and community.

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What does C3 mean?


  1. The state of being dedicated to a cause or activity.
  2. Keeping your word regardless of circumstances or adversity


  1. The intangible qualities that determine an individual (I.E moral strength, self-discipline, fortitude, etc.
  2. A particular combination of the morals and values that define a person or place. 


  1. A sense of unity within a group as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals. 
  2. A tribe of people governed by a shared pledge to thrive together

Meet the Team

<strong>Chi Bang</strong>
Chi Bang

Founder/Director of Training
I started my fitness career in Boston over 20 years ago. After earning a BA from the College of the Holy Cross and completing their pre-med program, I worked in the Boston hospitals for a few years. Shortly after, I discovered that my passion was in fitness and that I could make an immense impact on the health and well-being of my clients through this practice. Movement and exercise became my prescription for clients and I dedicated my career to this mission. 

I continued to challenge myself personally by competing in both powerlifting and bodybuilding, earning championships and professional titles respectively in each sport. Understanding that there was always room for me to become a better coach for my clients, I committed myself to learning supplemental training techniques and approaches… and applying them to my clients’ programming. Possessing a bigger bag of tools to pull from allowed me to explore fitness through a more holistic lens. Some of the tools include: wrestling, BJJ, boxing, shaolin kung fu, prenatal/postpartum, nutrition, onnit foundations, MovNat, etc. 

Fitness is an ever evolving industry and moves in a cyclical process; you see a lot of “new” things that are actually recycled and rooted in older and sometimes ancient training systems. Some examples are the gada (aka steel mace) and Indian clubs. There are so many different modalities out there, not one is better than the other…you just have to discover what is best for you; mix, match, and combine to evolve your own practice of fitness. If you need help, that’s why we are here.

<strong>Kevin Vasconcelos</strong>
Kevin Vasconcelos

Coming from a background in exercise health science and completion of CLIENTEL3’s internship program has ultimately prepared me for a role as a health and wellness coach.

Getting experience to work as a physical therapist aide gave me access to problem-solving skills involving approaches to pain management and rebuilding strength with patients. Receiving certifications from NASM, PPSC and MOVNAT have allowed me to take a distinct approach to train clients and understand the importance of being strong.