60 Ways to Train Without the Weights


Who said that you couldn’t workout without lifting any weights? Specially if your body was made to do exercise with its own weight. Here we bring to you some ways to train without the weights.

If you need to do another body weight squat, you’re going to lose it.

Without the appropriate knowledge to make your own program you might be feeling burnt out doing the same old stuff.

Changes to a training program can be qualitative or quantitative. Quantitive refers to changing the exercise and quantitative refers to changing other training variables (i.e. reps, load, sets). Most of us don’t have the ability to alter training loads and we may have a limited variety of exercises in our toolbox.

I want you to get two things out of this

  1. Teach you ways to modify training variables so that you can design your own workout
  2. Make your toolbox bigger. Meaning, I want to teach you more exercises

Training Variables at Your Disposal

 Just because you don’t have access to a rack full of dumbbells does not mean you can’t modify other training variables. These variables include:

  1. Reps
  2. Sets
  3. Time under tension
  4. Range of motion
  5. Speed
  6. Rest periods

Let’s focus on time under tension, range of motion, and speed since these are ways to change an exercise without really changing the exercise. If you want to read more on this, take a look at a recent T-Nation post I did on mixing up your workouts with minimal equipment. 

Try to pick up on these variables from the video below before we get into different exercise examples. Within one movement pattern you can change the speed (explosive reps), range of motion and time under tension (pulse reps and isometric holds)

Now for a variety of different exercises to add into your program

Plank and Tabletop Position

Squat Position Variations

Lunge Position Variations

Bridge Variations

Push-up Variations 

If you want to know more ways to train without the weights, do not hesitate in contacting us.