How To Stay Focused On Overcoming The Buts


“I Want…” and The Connecting “…But”

Unfortunately and to the dismay of many, this post is not about the true beauty of the le derriere, the glutes, or your bum. What I want to discuss is the discrepancy we have between “I want…” and the connecting “…but”. This is how to stay focused.

Having met, interviewed, and worked with hundreds of clients from various backgrounds, professions, endpoints, and start points, most objections to action start with ‘I want’ before inevitably finding comfort within the ever-present “but”.

“I want to be healthier ..but I just can’t find the time” “I know I need to eat better..but it’s hard to know what to eat” “I would love to lose weight but everything I have tried has never worked for me”.

By dissecting the comments we can see the initial desire for change, I want, I need, I know followed by the objections, barriers, and excuses for not changing.

So How to Stay Focused? And What Should We Focus On?

What most people focus on is the initial action part of the comment about what you want, what you need, and what quite frankly you already know. How often have you seen an advertisement asking you would you like abs, to lose weight, a tight butt, the ultimate nutrition plan for weight loss?

Yes obviously I want all of these things.

And yet for the amount of intrigue these advertisements induce, how often do they evolve into long-term action and results?


Be Honest, Hard Working and Disciplined

Acknowledge the desire for action and then focus on the barrier stopping you from achieving this.

No time? Let’s look at your calendar, priorities, job requirements, day to day tasks. We will find the time. Then it’s up to you to commit and take action.

Don’t know what to eat? Great, what do you like to eat, how much, when? Make a food diary, track it and change one thing at a time over a 12 week period.

Does nothing work? Why? Was it the program? Did you give it 100%? Were you consistent, honest, hard-working, and disciplined when required to be so? Did you do CrossFit after being on a sofa for 5 years and get injured? (deep sigh).

As you can see, if you are one of these people who desires change but buts get in the way focus on the process and allow actions to get you there.

It’ Time To Take Action

Here at CLIENTEL3 we are not only dedicated to providing you with the best environment, trainers, and community but to also ensure your but isn’t getting in the way of your progress.

Schedule a complimentary consultation to overcome your excuses or start by taking action and doing one of our exceptional trainers’ workouts on your own.

Or just stop letting your buts get in the way and schedule a session with David or Patrick today!

Additionally, I highly recommend checking out another great read that will help you overcome your buts by one of our knowledgeable trainers, Justin Kompf if you want to learn more about how to stay focused.