Four Things You Should be Doing During the Quarantine


What to do during the quarantine? If it isn’t already happening, every day feels like a routine and before you know it, you can’t remember what day it is. 

You’re stuck inside, everything is on pause and you can’t even remember what day it is. Maybe your routine is out of whack, maybe you’re in a rut. If that’s you, let’s get back to doing the basics. Give the following a try: sleep, exercise, nutrition, and education. 

Let’s start with Sleep

Spending more time indoors has an adverse effect on energy expenditure. Longer days spent sedentary can disrupt your original sleep schedule. No work commitment leaves room to stay awake well into the night, so  DONT STAY UP LATE! Prioritize keeping your sleep schedule firm and acquiring 8 hours. 

How is your Nutrition 

Eating healthy is simple right?

 If only.

 Now that we’re home all the time the challenge we face is, making the right decisions in the kitchen. Incorporate the following into your diet … 

  • Fresh Greens.
  • Low Glycemic Index Carbs.
  • Lean Meats.

 Learn new recipes and diversify your typical M-F menu, now is the opportunity to develop the essential cooking skills you talked about before the pandemic.

Training at home 

If you don’t have exercise equipment or have no idea how to workout, virtual strength and aerobic classes are at your disposal. Mastering basics such as push-ups, squats, and planks will translate well with load-bearing movements when you get back into the gym.

Try this Circuit out which incorporates the whole body and will take you less than 30 minutes! 

Exercises Sets Reps 
A1 Squat and hold 330sec
A2 Push up to T Plank 330sec
A3 Alternating one leg Plank 330sec
B1 Mountain climbers 330secs
B2 Mini Band Bridge 330 secs

Finisher: Last 5 Mins

Touchdown lunges 335secs
Up-Down Plank 330secs

This was what I used just this past week for my class that I teach weekly, targeting all the essentials while still keeping it fun and simple

Pick up a Book 

Reading is an essential part of my day. Aside from learning something new, it’s important because it moves us away from screen time. I find myself doing virtual classes and now even virtual assignments, so my electronic work duration has nearly doubled. 

Screen time can be detrimental to our vision and health, thus reading in between our day, would give our eyes a break from our phones, Ipads, etc. Reading also improves blood flow in the brain and has been shown to improve stress., try supplementing 3 different reading blocks throughout your day.

Here’s how I’ve been reading throughout the quarantine 

8am-9amEssentials of Strength and Conditioning 
2pm-3pmChange Maker by John Berardi 
3pm-3:30pmJournal of Strength and Conditioning Research 
9:00-9:45pmNutrition  Articles / Blogs 
9:45-10:15pmNew fitness trends 

It’s important to read what you like and read what is going to make you come out of this quarantine a better version of yourself. Limit your screen time and get a schedule going, there are things to know.